Glicogen Assay Kit 100 Assays

Glicogen Assay Kit 100 Assays

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Usage: sufficient use for 100 colorimetric or fluorometric tests

Detection Method: colorimetric, fluorometric

Storage temperature: −20 ° C

General description

Glycogen is a branched polymer of glucose that acts as the main short-term energy storage molecule in animals. Glycogen is mainly synthesized in the liver and muscle tissue, where it can constitute up to 10% of the liver’s weight and 1-2% of the muscle tissue’s weight. While muscle glycogen is generally used locally, liver glycogen serves as an important buffer for regulating blood glucose levels. Glycogen metabolism is dysregulated in diabetes and glycogen storage diseases due to innate errors of metabolism.


The glycogen test kit has been used in the quantification of glycogen. It has also been used to determine the glycogen content in the liver, the vast lateral, and muscle homogenates.


Suitable for determining the glycogen concentration in various tissues such as the liver, etc., and cell culture (adherent or suspension cells).


The glycogen concentration is determined by a coupled enzymatic assay, which produces a colorimetric (570 nm) / fluorometric product (λex = 535 / λem = 587 nm), proportional to the glycogen present.


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