The dissemination will be coordinated by the main partner. The associated and collaborating partners will cooperate by promoting the project, in particular the recommended DS strategy and tools, among the most relevant institutions/organizations (stakeholders):
– at European and international level: DG Sanco, OECD, WHO and the relevant European projects
– at national level: Ministry of Health, National Surgery Scientific societies and other relevant institutions.
Meetings at international and national level will be led by representatives of the project. At the international level the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery – IAAS, as collaborating partner, will play a fundamental role to promote the interest  of international organizations toward the recommended policy.

Different means of communication will be used depending on the target groups:

Surgeons and Day Surgery departments will be informed through the channels of the IAAS. In particular, the organization of a Satellite meeting during IAAS Annual meeting, with the participation of one representative from each partner will be the strategic occasion to disseminate the project results. A specific supplement to the “Ambulatory Surgery Journal”, IAAS electronic magazine, will publish information about the project. Moreover, the Implementation of the IAAS web-site (in English), will be updated with project highlight.
Thanks to the IAAS authoritativeness, the project will reach this target group in the most effective way exploiting established communication means.

Policymakers, International and National Local Health Systems will be informed by means of the project’s website and by direct contacts. Each partner will build a list of local and national contacts to  develop relationships with. Some meetings with policymakers are foreseen during the development of the project.
As the target group comprises different types of professionals, decision-makers and institutions, the most efficient and effective way to disseminate the project results is to create specific means of communication like project’s website, IAAS website and meetings.