General objective

The general objective of the project is to improve patient safety and quality of hospital care through the promotion of DS best practices and standards. The project aims to improve safety of hospital care for the about thirty five millions European citizens undergoing surgical treatment every year in EU through easier access to safer and higher quality surgical services of shorter duration without night stay.

This project intends to elucidate main issues concerning ambulatory surgery, investigating DS at different levels of MSs health systems, and also offer realistic solutions, recommending evidence-based best practices and standards identified through benchmarking. This initiative aims to provide some relevant, practical and flexible answers to European health systems increasingly facing an ethical and political dilemma regarding how to assure sustainable and equitable access to safe and high quality health care.

This project intends to improve decision-makers, managers and staff awareness, knowledge and understanding of safety issues in the area of surgical services. This initiative will study, review, identify and promote essential components of DS systems and units, i.e. structures, clinical and patients management processes. Structures refer to infrastructure, equipment and staff; processes refer to care processes and patient management processes. The project will compare, select and systematically promote best practices and standards. Finally, the project will develop measurement instruments to gauge patients compliance with protocols and DS managers and providers conformity with standard inputs and processes.